• Initial skilled nursing facility (SNF) visits within 48 hours of hospital discharge.
  • Overnight and weekend call coverage with coordination of specialty care appointments

Improved Service and Value

  • Integrated partnership with onsite physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Reduction of overall costs 
  • Fewer hospital readmissions

Satisfied patients and families

  • Peace of mind through trusted, continuous, and coordinated care
  • Higher level of independence and active social engagement
  • Peaceful final stages of life
No matter the problem

We have your solution.

  • Reduce readmissions
  • Case-Mix and PDPM Expertise
  • Regulatory and Survey Management
  • Facilitate care coordination and transitions of care
  • Provide specialists and medical specialties
  • Develop and implement clinician training
  • Utilize analytical and evidence-based models to meet patient goals
  • Develop a care-centric culture and community
  • Improve outcomes, quality care and life longevity
  • Utilize telehealth innovations to allow for virtual physician visits
  • Avoid unnecessary transport to doctor visits
  • Provide in person physician services tailored to the patient’s needs
  • On-site physician services with the ability to meet residents in their apartment
  • Ensure higher level of patient independence and active engagement
  • Work in real-time with clinical staff to train experiences
  • Provide primary care (PCP) services
  • Medication management


Hear what our operators are saying about us...

"Gadzoom Health has been a game changer for our facility." – Ryan Ross, Orem Rehab Administrator
"Having the Gadzoom team in our community has made an enormous impact on our clinical and financial outcomes." - Lance Miller